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Writing Query Letters

A query letter is a writer’s first step to becoming a published author. The query letter is used to catch the attention of agents and editors and get them to start reading your manuscript. It needs to be captivating, well written, and articulate the atmosphere, world, and main conflict of your story, as well as [...]

Which There/Their/They’re is the One You Need?

There, their, and they’re. Three of the most confusing words in the English language. They’re known as homophones. There are many homophones and while their spellings and meaning can be different, their pronunciation is the same. See what I just did there? You see, these three words can be easily confused with one another, but [...]

Between You and Me, You Still Don’t Know When to Use “I”

In the 90’s, all the kids were saying, “Me and this person are good friends” or, “Me and this person are going to the mall.”  When teachers and other adults caught onto this, they started to come down hard on the younger generation to make sure they were saying “This person and I” instead.  Although [...]

Writing Conclusions

For this tip I’m going to talk about conclusions in academic papers. The Basics: The conclusion not only summarizes the thesis and main points of your paper, but it also shows how each point is connected to the whole. The thesis is the map to your paper so the conclusion both restates the path that [...]

Writing Introductions

An academic paper should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. For this tip I will focus on introductions. The Basics: The purpose of an introduction is to, for lack of a better word, introduce the topic of your essay. Think of it like a trailer for a movie.  It provides enough detail to explain to [...]