Our Team

Nicole – Founder

Nicole has a BA in English Teaching with minors in History, Theatre, and British Studies from the University of Utah. She worked at the University Writing Center for her entire university career and was the Coordinator of the center for her last three years at the U. She has experience with academic writing as well as short stories, script/screen writing, and, her personal favorite, novel writing. She loves reading young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and literary fiction. Since she was a child, singing has been a big part of her life, whether it’s in theatre or choir. Currently, she teaches English, Film Studies, and Theatre at the high school level. For more from Nicole, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Erin – Co-Founder

Erin is an avid lover of movies, TV, reading, videogames, and music. She has experience in legal and business writing as well as short stories and novel writing. She is a musician and has played the violin for most of her life, performing in orchestras such as The Salt Lake Symphony. She also plays the cello and actively sings in a variety of choirs. She is a founding member of Princess In Another Podcast and Princess In Another Video, two separate YouTube channels dedicated to all things videogames: news, analysis, and playing. Erin is married to Zach, a fellow Writersbrooke team member. For more from Erin subscribe to her YouTube channels and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Christina – Co-Founder

Christina has a BS in Communication and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Utah. She worked at the University Writing Center for two years as a tutor. She has expertise in both humanities writing and scientific writing. Her academic writing experience ranges from research papers, citation styles, and personal statements to lab reports, research proposals, and peer-reviewed journal articles. She also has experience with creative writing, including short stories and novel writing. She loves reading, especially young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and children’s literature. She has also performed in choirs for most of her life.

Zach – Co-Founder

Zach is currently studying Economics at the University of Utah. He is an avid musician and plays a number of instruments including the guitar. He enjoys watching movies and TV, playing videogames, and reading everything from literary classics to young adult fiction. He has experience with academic writing, business writing and creative writing, specifically short stories, novel writing, and music composition. Zach is married to Erin, a fellow Writersbrooke team member. For more from Zach follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel where he shares his love of nature, photography, and film making.

Stephanie – Co-Founder

Stephanie is a senior in high school. She is an active member of debate, choir, and theatre. She has held positions such as Speech Captain of the Debate Team and Financial Chair of the Theatre Department. She has won a plethora of awards at various debate competitions for writing and performing her own original speeches. She is also the Sterling Scholar for Speech, Drama, and Forensics at her school. She loves reading, writing novels as well as poetry and prose, and watching movies. Her favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, political fiction, political philosophy, and treatise.